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Amend your cover

Stateside APM Hazard & Liability Insurance program

Use this form to amend the cover of an existing insured property under the bulk billing arrangement for .

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Please complete the property details and select the amendments you wish to make.

BI Amend Property Details (Bulk Billing)

Property to be amended

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By submitting this application, I/we agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Stateside APM and its insurance carriers. This amendment applies to a property that is currently insured on the bulk billing arrangement for .

I/We further agree that it is solely my/our responsibility as the property manager of this property to ensure that the owner is fully aware of the policy terms and conditions and have provided the owner with instructions how to view them. I/We further agree to hold harmless Stateside APM should I/we fail to do so.

I agree that any change in premium will apply from the date of this amendment and will be charged on my next invoice. I/We also understand that some amendments may require the cover to be reissued.

Full details of the policy terms and conditions and claims procedures, together with any additional terms and conditions imposed by Stateside APM are available at