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Cancel your cover

Stateside APM Hazard & Liability Insurance program

Use this form to cancel cover and remove a property from the portfolio under the bulk billing arrangement .

Hi ,

Please enter the information below and click the ‘Submit’ button. We’ll cancel the cover as soon as we receive your request.

BI Cancel Cover Details (Bulk Billing)

Property to be cancelled

(not the address)
Cannot be before today’s date.

I wish to cancel coverage for the above property/ies from the date shown (the cancellation date cannot be before today’s date).

I understand that if a refund of premiums is due, it will be applied to my next monthly invoice.

As the property manager for the owner of this property, I take full responsibility for this instruction and agree to hold harmless Stateside APM with regard to this cancellation

Full details of the policy terms and conditions and claims procedures, together with any additional terms and conditions imposed by Stateside APM are available at