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Introducer application help

Introducer Application Process

Our new online application allows for you to complete application on behalf of your clients and then send them to your client for approval and signature before submission. Your portal will allow to track their progress and show you all your applications.

  • Draft applications. Partially completed applications.
  • Completed applications ready to be sent for approval.
  • Applications sent and waiting to be approved by your client.
  • Applications rejected by your client. Ready to be edited and resubmitted for approval.
  • Applications approved and submitted to Stateside APM.

How to complete an application.

  1. Click “MY BI APPLICATIONS” this will take you to the “Your applications” page.

  1. Click the “+ New application” link on the right on the page.

  1. Complete the application. This is the same application that a client would complete, and most fields are required.
    1. On the last page click “accept T&C” checkbox and then “submit”
  2. You will be taken back to the “Your applications” page and your new application will be shown in the “To Be Sent” section.

How to send an application for approval.

  1. Select the application you wish to send.
  2. You will be taken to the “create an account” page. This is where you will keep your client’s details.
  1. Select “create new” (for a new client)
    • Enter their name, create a username for them and the email address you want to send the application to for approval.
    • Click ‘Send application’. The client will receive an email with instructions how to review and approve their application.
  2. Select “Select existing” if you have already entered the client in the system.
    1. Select the client from the dropdown list.
    2. Click ‘Send application’ and the client will receive an email with instructions how to review and approve their application.
  3. Once sent for approval the application will move to the ‘Pending approval’ section.

What the client needs to do

The client email tells them that you’ve completed an application on their behalf and that the need to review and approve it. They are given the username you set for them and instructions how to set a password and login. Once logged in, they will see all the applications waiting for them to approve.

Once they select an application, they will see the complete application and have the option to “Accept” or “Reject” it. If they select ‘Accept’, they will need to agree and check our T&C and sign the application. Clicking ‘Confirm’ submits the application to Stateside APM for processing.